How to Lose Weight Fast: Best Weight Loss Foods & Tips

In an age where we have limitless information at our fingertips, it can be hard to know what to trust, especially as plenty of it isn’t entirely accurate. This is why finding a reputable source of information, like our advice here at Mr Meals, can be so essential to finding the right path to lose weight fast


If you’re in this position, you might just find that this sentence will change your outlook on weight loss; calorie deficit is the most efficient way to lose weight. In simple terms, if you consume fewer calories than your body needs, you’ll begin losing weight. However, it’s important that you still get enough nutrients to keep yourself safe and healthy. 


With this in mind, we thought we’d put together a list of some of the foods that could help you out with reducing calories and promoting weight loss, as well as some general tips on the subject.

So, are you ready to find out how to lose weight fast?

10 foods that can help you to lose weight


While a versatile ingredient, beans are also an excellent food in their own right for essentially any diet plan – and to make matters better, they’re often filling and fairly cheap too.


There are a variety of reasons why they’re good for your health and a perfect addition to weight loss meals. They’re high in protein, can add bulk to an otherwise small looking plateful of food and are slow to digest, which makes them a more than worthwhile choice. When you throw in antioxidants, folate and fiber, you’ll probably wonder where they’ve been all your life.



While it’s fairly well-known and commonly used in weight loss meals, you might not know why chicken is such a great ingredient. Aside from high nutritional value and other health advantages, it’s lean meat, which means that it can make your diet feel less like you’re missing out while doing you some good. It’s also worthwhile for building muscle, strengthening your immune system and more, making it an even better choice.


Overall, being low in calories and high in protein, chicken is a food that can be included in essentially any weight loss diet, especially for those who are hoping to build some muscle through the process.


3. Chia seeds

If you’ve ever done any research on weight loss, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of chia seeds. These are one of the most nutritious foods available, with high fiber content and generally excellent nutrient composition to make them an all-around good food. When you also consider the fact they’re low in carbs and can help to reduce appetite, it’s plain to see why chia seeds are so popular among those who want to lose weight.  


4. Chipotle Chicken Pasta

Hoping to find the fastest way to lose weight? Well, with a meal like Chipotle Chicken Pasta, you could be taking a step in the right direction. As mentioned earlier, chicken itself is an excellent ingredient for any weight loss plan, but the addition of some asparagus, capsicum and corn can really help to contribute to your healthy diet.


With chicken, veggies and pasta, it’s the perfect balance of a healthy yet tasty dish that’s certain to aid you on your weight loss journey whilst also giving you a boost in energy.


5. Dark chocolate

Having a sweet treat doesn’t seem like the ideal way to lose weight, but there are a few reasons why to can be worth having at least a little dark chocolate while on your diet (especially if you need something to satisfy your sweet tooth).


It’s not uncommon for those starting a diet to want to cut out all sugary foods, but even highly disciplined individuals can find themselves giving in to their cravings and bingeing on the foods they’re trying so hard to avoid.


Instead of other treats, a square or two of dark chocolate can be a great way to have a dessert that won’t have much of an impact on your weight loss plan.


6. Eggs

Due to the fact that eggs are high in cholesterol, they haven’t always been particularly popular in diets, but there are several reasons why they could be an excellent addition to your meal plan.


For one, they’re high in protein and fat, which both have their benefits. They’re also filling, dense in nutrients (specifically in the yolk), and above all else, an excellent way to help you lose weight. Several studies have proven that eating eggs for breakfast helps to reduce appetite for a significant amount of time, as well as increasing weight loss in the long run.


There’s good reason why eggs have been making a comeback in the weight loss world – and you could benefit from taking advantage of all the benefits they have to offer.


7. Koran Beef with Udon Noodles

Those who want to build a little muscle while losing weight are certain to love this Korean Beef with Udon Noodles meal; both for its health benefits and its taste.


Meat has been given a bad name over the years due to problems with processing; but unprocessed beef can offer several health benefits, mainly because of its high levels of protein (which will overall help you to burn more calories). Served alongside udon noodles, red capsicum, Bok Choy and more, this Asian dish is simply perfect.


8. Nuts

These are another well-known weight-loss food that we wanted to include on our list. A great snack for when you feel peckish, you can enjoy your favorite kind of nuts, whether they’re peanuts or pecans. They may be high in fat, but research shows that they’re good for metabolic health and overall help with promoting weight loss.


Those who eat nuts regularly will often find that they stay fuller for longer and feel the need to eat less, so it can be a great way to help reduce your portions.


9. Salmon

Fatty fish can be a good choice for those trying to lose weight and salmon is often considered to be one of the best. Not only is it healthy and filling, but it’s also full of protein, nutrients and healthy fats.


Many people don’t fulfil their body’s iodine needs and since seafood tends to have a high amount, it makes sense to implement salmon into your diet. Omega-3 fatty acids are another great benefit that comes with salmon and fish in general, reducing inflammation and helping with obesity (as well as other issues).


If salmon isn’t quite to your liking, you’ll be glad to hear that there are plenty of alternatives; from sardines, to mackerel.


10. Tuscan Chicken

This isn’t the first time that a chicken-based meal has made it onto our list, but there’s good reason why Tuscan Chicken is worth mentioning.


Aside from being a tasty dish, it’s also got everything you need in a weight-loss meal. Chicken, mushroom, spinach, basmati rice and steamed vegetables are all crucial to creating a healthy and delicious dinner that you’ll love. To make it even better, you can enjoy it with our Tuscan sauce for an authentic Italian flavour.


weight loss tips

Our top 10 weight loss tips


Having the right foods can be one of the best ways to lose weight fast, but that doesn’t mean that it’s all you need. Much like with false information on foods, it can sometimes be hard to find reputable strategies outside of just the meals you eat. Fortunately, there are several science-backed things that you can do.


If you’re looking for the best way to lose weight fast, you’ll be glad to hear that we’ve also put together a quick list of weight loss tips that could help you out, allowing you to get the info you need without having to put in the effort to find it all.


With so many different options, narrowing it down was quite a challenge, but we believe that we’ve got the 10 best tips for you to try out:


1. Eat regular meals at normal times

Many people believe that skipping breakfast or other meals can help to lose weight – but this isn’t exactly true and in some cases can even lead to the opposite. Eating at regular times helps to reduce the temptation to snack, and even helps to burn calories faster, so it really is essential to eat the three main meals at ordinary times if you want a diet that produces results.


2. Exercise more often

Although some may not want to exercise, there’s no doubt that there are plenty of health benefits that come along with it, as well as being an excellent way to burn off calories that you wouldn’t lose through dieting alone. Even being active in small ways can be beneficial, so it really is worth it.


3. Get proper sleep

While overlooked by most, sleep can be another essential aspect of weight loss, even as much as exercise and general healthy eating. A lack of sleep can cause several issues outside of your diet plans, so it’s worth trying to get more rest for a healthier lifestyle.


4. Drink more water before meals

Something you may have heard of before is that drinking water can help to promote weight loss. While this is true in general, it’s especially important to drink more water before meals. There have been several studies to prove the effectiveness of doing so, with one particular study showing that those who drank half a litre 30 minutes before meals lost 44% more weight.


5. Give intermittent fasting a try

Among those who try to lose weight, intermittent fasting is an interesting and often effective tool to further improve your chances of success. There aren’t many studies on it yet, but it does seem to have some great effects and it’s well worth looking into.  


6. Be conscious of what you’re eating

Reading food labels and planning out your meals can be two great ways to help you be more aware of what you’re putting in your body and how it can help you with your weight loss goals. Low-fat foods aren’t always the best choice, so it really is important to be more considerate.


7. Be more mindful

Something that may sound obvious but isn’t taken advantage of as much as it could be is mindful eating. This is the practice of being aware of not just what we’re eating, but when, where, how and why. Mindful eating often involves eating slowly and savoring the meal.


8. Try to reduce your overall sugar intake

It may sound a little obvious, but cutting back on sugar really can be one of the most effective ways to lose weight. If you’re bingeing a little every now and then on your diet, it might not be doing all that much to help you, so try your best to keep sugar consumption to a minimum.


9.     Eat off smaller plates

While a fairly simple tip, those who want to lose weight fast could benefit from using smaller plates, due to the simple fact that it encourages people to eat smaller portions. This isn’t something that works for everybody, but it can be worth a try.


10. Have a positive attitude

It’s easy to feel discouraged when you don’t see results as soon as you had hoped, but giving up won’t help. Perseverance is essential, and a positive attitude towards your goal will be pivotal in seeing it through to the end.


Finding the best diet to lose weight

Everybody is different, but even so, there are some weight loss foods that can be beneficial for a wide variety of people. One particular way to take advantage of this is to try meal plans. With everything that they can offer, it’s often well worth taking the time to find the ideal meal plan for weight loss. When made by the right team, you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that your weight loss journey is being taken care of.

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