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Savour the essence of Italy with our Tuscan Chicken Penne Pasta, meticulously crafted to bring the flavours of Tuscany to your table. Perfectly cooked penne pasta is lovingly tossed with tender, grilled chicken breast, creating a harmonious balance of protein and carbs that satisfies with every bite.

Our chefs blend sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, and spinach into a creamy Parmesan sauce, infusing each forkful with richness and depth. The sun-dried tomatoes add a sweet tanginess, while the spinach contributes a fresh, earthy note that complements the robust flavours of oven baked chicken and aged Parmesan cheese.

Whether you're craving a hearty lunch or a comforting dinner, our Tuscan Chicken Penne Pasta delivers a wholesome and satisfying meal that is as convenient as it is delicious. Each portion is carefully portioned and packed to preserve its freshness and flavour, ensuring you enjoy every bite just as if it were prepared right in your kitchen.

Note: Delivers Friday.

Servings per package: 1.00
Serving size 400.00g
Average Quantity per Serving Average Quantity per 100g
Energy 2478 kJ 

(590 cal)
620 kJ
Protein 48.5 g 12.3 g
Fat, total 18 g 4.5 g
-Saturated 5.9 g 1.3 g
Carbohydrate 60 g 15 g
-Sugars 9 g 2 g
Sodium 490 mg 123 mg
Servings per package: 1.00
Serving size 350.00g
Average Quantity per Serving Average Quantity per 100g
Energy 1780 kJ 

(424 cal)
508 kJ
Protein 42 g 12 g
Fat, total 16 g 4.5 g
-Saturated 4 g 1.2 g
Carbohydrate 32 g 9 g
-Sugars 8.1 g 2.3 g
Sodium 390 mg 111 mg

Servings per package: 1.00
Serving size 310.00g
Average Quantity per Serving Average Quantity per 100g
Energy 1338 kJ 

(320 cal)
431 kJ
Protein 48.0 g 15.5 g
Fat, total 12 g 3.9 g
-Saturated 6.1 g 2 g
Carbohydrate 5 g 1.6 g
-Sugars 3.8 g 1.2 g
Sodium 311 mg 100 mg


Ingredients: Chicken breast, penne pasta, crushed tomato, garlic, onion, parmesan, capsicum, sun-dried tomato strips, spinach, rocket, parsley, salt, thyme, red chilli, black pepper, olive oil, chicken seasoning.

Allergen Notice: All meals are prepared in a kitchen whose environment contains eggs, fish, milk, sesame, soy, nuts, tree nuts, gluten, sulphites and lupin. Though best practices are used in preparing the meal, inadvertent cross-contamination may occur. We cannot guarantee the complete absence of these allergens. Mr Meals does not advise the consumption of it's meal should you have any allergies.



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