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This Crumbed Chicken and Slaw Mayo Wrap, is a delicious handheld delight that combines crunchy, tasty crumbed chicken, a refreshing slaw, and a creamy mayo sauce, all wrapped up in a soft tortilla. This mouthwatering creation is the perfect balance of textures and flavours, making it an irresistible choice for lunch, dinner, or anytime you're craving a satisfying meal on the go.

At the heart of our Crumbed Chicken and Slaw Mayo Wrap is tender chicken breast coated in a crispy, golden breadcrumb crust. Each succulent chicken piece is carefully seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices, creating a flavourful coating that adds a delightful crunch with every bite. Whether enjoyed hot or cold, the crumbed chicken brings a satisfying and protein-packed element to the wrap.

Complementing the crispy chicken is a refreshing slaw that adds a burst of colour, texture, and a hint of tanginess to the wrap. Our slaw is a harmonious mix of crisp cabbage, shredded carrots, and vibrant greens, all tossed together to create a vibrant and crunchy medley. This adds a fresh and vibrant element to the wrap, balancing the richness of the chicken and enhancing the overall experience.

Wrapped snugly in a soft tortilla, our Crumbed Chicken and Slaw Mayo Wrap is easy to hold and enjoy on the go. It's a convenient and fulfilling option for those who crave a wholesome meal that doesn't compromise on taste or quality.


Note: Delivers Tuesday.

Servings per package: 1.00
Serving size 410.00g
  Average Quantity per Serving Average Quantity per 100g
Energy 2268 kJ 

(580 cal)
553 kJ
Protein 47g 12.6 g
Fat, total 13g 4 g
-Saturated 9.7g 2.4 g
Carbohydrate 55g 13.4 g
-Sugars 5.7 g 1.4 g
Sodium 490 mg 120 mg


Servings per package: 1.00
Serving size 350.00g
  Average Quantity per Serving Average Quantity per 100g
Energy 1677 kJ 

(401 cal)
479 kJ
Protein 42 g 13.1 g
Fat, total 11 g 4 g
-Saturated 9.6g 2.8 g
Carbohydrate 25.3 g 7.2 g
-Sugars 4.8 g 1.4 g
Sodium 446 mg

127 mg

Chicken breast, white tortilla wrap, red cabbage, green cabbage, carrot, shallot, light mayonnaise, light sweet chilli sauce, all purpose flour, egg, breadcrumb, parmesan cheese, white pepper, black pepper, salt, olive oil, herbs and spices, chicken spice blend.

Allergen Notice: All meals are prepared in a kitchen whose environment contains eggs, fish, milk, sesame, soy, nuts, tree nuts, gluten, sulphites and lupin. Though best practices are used in preparing the meal, inadvertent cross-contamination may occur. We cannot guarantee the complete absence of these allergens. Mr Meals does not advise the consumption of it's meal should you have any allergies.



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