Weight Lifting For Weight Loss

The benefits of weight lifting are many. A discipline consisting of weight lifting is an excellent alternative for toning the whole body. Its practice is based on bodybuilding and ensures that everyone man or woman, burn the calories they want to burn to achieve their weight loss goals. It thus helps you burn fat => weight lifting for weight loss.

Do you burn calories from weight lifting?

Lifting weights is an excellent discipline to gradually maintain and tone your figure. The practice of weight lifting for weight loss is interesting. Indeed, by carefully defining your exercises (number sets, speed of execution, recovery time), weight lifting becomes intensive and you need to destock fat. In fact, during exercise, the body burns an average of 150 to 300 calories per hour of practice. On the other hand, although the results on the scale may seem ridiculous at first, weight lifting promotes muscle building which allows you to gradually lose fat. However, like any other physical activity, weight lifting must be accompanied by other ways to burn fat and speed up metabolism. 

So, how many hours should you spend on weight lifting to lose weight? By lifting weights, you burn 150 to 300 in 1 hour of training.

A healthy eating lifestyle

Diet is the other key to achieving your weight loss goal and staying in shape for the long haul. Mr. Meals, your weight loss partner, plans are prepared by dieticians and based on fitness food to accompany you through your weight lifting for weight loss journey.

Practiced regularly, weight lifting reshapes the silhouette and makes you lose weight, by preventing fat from settling in risk areas such as the thighs, arms and stomach.

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