Top 10 Fitness Tips

  • Set yourself an objective:
      1. This allows you to focus your energy and to manage your time efficiently. The more the set goal is precise and detailed, and the more you will be able to reach it. Visualize your goal and project yourself into that future.
  • Exercise:
      1. Climb the stairs, do housework, run every now and then. Yes, this is all good but not enough. Do a regular activity to achieve real lasting results. But be careful to choose one that is adapted to your level so as not to bore you, discourage you or hurt you.
  • Eat 5 fruits and vegetables every day:
      1. If you don’t like to eat them raw, learn to cook fruits and vegetables. You will be amazed how much you will love them. The vitamins they contain are gold for our body.
  • Eat slowly:
      1. You will eat less without even noticing and enjoy more your meal. Prolonged chewing generates many mechanisms in your body, which allow better absorption of nutrients.
  • Stop eating before you’re full:
      1. This is one of the ancestral secrets of the Japanese centenarians. They stop eating before they are full. Listen to your body so you can learn to stop in time. Learn to tell the difference between not being hungry and being full. You will digest much better, will not feel tired, and your stomach will remain flat even after your meal.
  • Drink green tea:
      1. Green tea is a magic drink! It drains and helps to lose weight. For optimal efficiency, consume it 20 minutes before or after your meals, not to inhibit the power of iron in your food.
  • Sleep well:
      1. Your sleep should be qualitative and restorative, whether you are a short or heavy sleeper. Ventilate your room for 10 minutes at night and be ready to go to bed at the first signs: yawning, fatigue! So-called slow and deep sleep occurs at the start of the night, and much better before midnight.
  • You are what you eat:
      1. What you eat (or don't eat) has a huge impact on your health and defines your physical condition and your potential for body composition. Also think about the quality of the food you eat.
  • No excuse:
      1. If you are looking for an excuse, you will always find one. Remember that somewhere in the world there is someone else, in worse circumstances than you, who is still achieving their fitness goals.
  • Stick to all the above.
    1. And remember that the moment you start, every day will bring you closer to your fitness goals!

    Therefore, should follow the above steps and take proper care of your body even when you are super busy. 

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